Refurbished Laptops Made Easy

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Welcome to The Refurbished Laptops Guide!

Hi everyone and welcome! Here you’ll find great information about how to obtain refurbished laptops, how to care for them, and how to select the best accessories you can for these cheap little wonders. Please don’t take this site at face value. This is merely the front page of a site with tons of content related to your laptop needs. If you look to the right side of the screen, you’ll see a menu of all of the various sub-pages we have, ranging from hard drives to operating systems. If you take your time reading each one of these, you’ll have no problems selecting a great refurbished laptop when it comes time for you to go out and make your purchase. Please let us know at any time if you think we should add a certain type of content, do a review of a refurbished computer we haven’t thought of before, or if you just simply feel that we can do better. Our comments section is always open and we take each of our reader’s concerns seriously.

So, what are refurbished laptops?

Good question. Factory refurbished laptops are simply laptops that have been used before. Sounds simple, right? Well, it really is, and that’s why we’re trying to provide you this resource. These are laptops that, for some reason we don’t usually know about, were returned to the manufacturer at some point in their lives. Most of the time this had to do with a simple upgrade; people who were financing a certain system decided that at some point they wanted better. When their laptop is returned, it’ll be reconditioned and sold back to the public. This is normally either done through the manufacturer itself (Dell has a huge selection of refurbished models on their website, have a look), or through third party companies such as Tiger Direct. Most of them are actually sold third-party through normal means, though you can do a bit of searching through online classifieds and even auction sites to find them. It’s not difficult to find good, cheap refurbished laptops for sale if you simply look hard enough. Seriously, it’s not.

What makes a laptop refurbished?

This is an important distinction: There is a large difference between refurbished and used laptops. Refurbs are taken through a rigorous set of checks and reconditioning before they’re made available for public consumption again. The hard drives are wiped, the memory is cleared, nicks and scratches are removed, and the operating system is installed from brand new. For all intents and purposes, these are brand new laptops; they just don’t cost as much. Pretty neat, right? A “used” laptop is usually just that: It’s been used before, but does not come with any implied warranty, any reconditioning, or anything of the like. Nothing is tested and returned to factory specifications. These types of computers are usually the ones you’ll buy on sites such as craigslist or eBay. You really want to look out for these types of systems: If you’re not careful you can really get ripped off in a hurry. On top of that, if you’re thinking about selling your used laptop on the market in this way, you need to make doubly sure that your information is securely wiped before it hits the streets. You don’t need some random person having access to your personal information, do you? I didn’t think so.

What should I look for?

This is where knowledge is key: You need to make sure that whichever laptop you buy, it must come with a certificate saying that it’s been properly reconditioned. It should state the model of the laptop (check against the certificate to make sure this information is correct), the serial number of the computer you just bought (again, check the bottom of the computer…this information will be there), and who did the refurbishment. Do your homework, everyone. Don’t just believe that anyone is qualified to do the reconditioning, either. It needs to be done by a qualified business, and one that you can trust. Naturally the original manufacturer is going to be the most trustworthy, but don’t just stick to that. If all you do is go to HP or Dell for refurbished notebooks, you’re passing on a lot of great opportunities to make a really good deal. Look around in online forums, ask your friends, co-workers, or neighbors. You’d be surprised at just how many people have some great hook ups on refurbished and reconditioned laptops. Even the guy with the desktop across the street may be able to tell you something! ;)

Is that all I need to know about refurbished laptops?

Absolutely not, which is why I encourage everyone to have a good solid look around this site for more information. There are plenty of category pages on the right side of the screen (below the ads and blogroll links) that will help you decide on your purchase, plan out upgrades, and pick out cool accessories. Best of luck!